Premium Quality Rice

Rice Cooking in Our Owned Food Factory with Stringent Quality Control

To Serve Customers with Premium Quality Rice, We Introduced the Latest Model of Rice Cooking Equipment

In 2018, we established our own factory in Tsuen Wan with state-of-the-art rice cooking equipment from Japan. The key to tasty rice is heat control. By rapidly raising the temperature to 1,300°C, eddy currents form inside the pot, and each grain of rice can be cooked fluffily.

We believe rice has life. Rice constantly reacts to changing temperatures and humidity. From rice rinsing, soaking, cooking to steaming, we pay attention to every detail and make fine adjustments every day to maintain rice tastiness.

70% of Rice is Water

Rice rinsing, soaking and cooking all involve water, that’s why the quality of water matters a lot. We track the hardness, mineral content and temperature of our water, analyse how different datasets may affect rice quality, and pursue the optimum water quality for rice cooking.

For every lot of rice imported, we run it through fine analyzers to analyze its water content, protein content and amylose values. These values help us determine the most suitable water amount and temperature to cook the perfect rice.

“Crab Holes” – the Proof of Well-cooked Rice

When delicious rice is freshly cooked, there will be appearance of small holes on the surface. Just as air bubbles rise through boiling water, the same happens when water steam from the pot bottom gains enough momentum to push through layers of rice to the surface, forming “crab holes.” This process will cause the rice grains to dance and roll in the rice pot, and strengthen the heating effect to the rice grains. The cooked rice will be more fluffy and taste sweeter.

We always see crab holes all over the surface of our freshly cooked rice. This is the proof that each rice grain is heat evenly. Now we only need to carefully scoop the rice so as not to smash it.