Our Story

This is a story that took place a long, long time ago.
This is the birth story of kind-to-people, kind-to-earth, and safe and assuring Omusubi.


Our Omusubi made its debut in Hong Kong in Hong Kong Food Expo 2010.

During the event, something unforgettable happened. It was about a little girl who came to our booth twice; the first time on the first day of the Food Expo, and the second time on the third day.

The moment she took a bite of that second Omusubi, she told us the rice was “fluffier and softer!”. Little did she know was that the rice used on the third day was indeed from a different region and farmer. It was amazing that a little girl could tell such a subtle difference between the varieties of Japanese rice! Since then, we have been striving to provide our customers with only premium rice.


Ten years have passed since we opened our first store in 2011, and we have grown into a sizable business with 100 shops all around Hong Kong. From scratch, we have succeeded to establish the Japanese Omusubi culture in this city.

There were also much we have learnt from our customers. One of the most valuable learning was the responsibility of serving food to our customers. Every single day, as we serve tens of thousands of customers, from children to the elderly, knowing our Omusubi are going to become part of their body, we grow more conscious just how important it is for us to gatekeep their health and wellbeing. As a food business, we consider the “safety and assurance of food” the top priority.


From the perspectives of “providing Omusubi made with ever better sourced rice” and “providing Omusubi that is ever caring for our planet Earth”, we established the new OMUSUBI brand.

OMUSUBI uses only the finest Japanese rice from partner farmers in Japan. We also pay attention to every minute detail in the rice cooking process at our owned food factory. With rice being a natural product and a gift of nature, our Omusubi should indeed be environmentally friendly. From agricultural practices to packaging, we strive to protect the environment to achieve a harmony with Mother Nature.

The new OMUSUBI brand embodies our persistence to carry the Japanese Omusubi heritage and history, and the mission to one day spread the Omusubi culture across the world.

From long ago in Japan, we refer to “rice ball” by the friendly name of “Omusubi”. Anybody in Japan has eaten this “Omusubi”.​

We, Hyakunousha, decided to continue this truly, purely Japanese food culture of “Omusubi” our predecessors have built ceaselessly, and with the strong will for us to make the whole world know about it, chose the same word of “OMUSUBI” for the name of our new brand.​

The design of the new logo, is made of a red triangular icon, and a logo type setting up the letters of “OMUSUBI” in a triangular shape.​

The triangular icon provides people all over the world with an instant picture of the product.​

The red brand colour represents the heart-warming spirit like the “natural blessings from the sun” and that “Omusubi are to be kind to people”.​

The logo type setting up the letters O‧MU‧SUBI in a triangle, makes it entertaining and easy to remember the name of the brand.​