Japanese Rice Cooking Tips

As the main star and staple in washoku, Japanese rice has always enjoyed an unparalleled spot. Cooking grains into rice gives them a full and sweet taste and a mouthfeel that balances on softness and nice chewiness, pairing up perfectly with other tasty ingredients and leading to one bite after another. Would you also like to taste Japanese rice cooked to perfection, that is, with separate individual and fragrant grains? Take a look at our rice cooking tips below!

Step 1: Softly wash off rice bran
Rinse rice delicately with quick hands and avoid rubbing or over-soaking it. Repeat and change rinsing water for about three times.

Step 2: Adjust water amount
Add water according to cooking instructions from the rice cooker. This can be adjusted according to personal taste or the state of rice grains.

Step 3: Allow rice to absorb enough water before cooking
After rinsing the rice, it is time for it to drink water and the rice core to regain moisture. We recommend soaking rice in water for about 30 minutes in summer and about 1 hour in winter.

Step 4: Fluff up the rice to let excess moisture evaporate
Keep cooked rice covered for 10 minutes, then lightly fluff up the rice using a shamoji (rice paddle), so that excess moisture evaporates and the cooked rice becomes more fragrant, sweeter and tastier.

Storing Japanese Rice

In Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate, the higher quality of rice, the more care one should put into storing them to prevent them from going bad. Therefore, we recommend buying vacuum-packed white rice. Oxidation occurs when rice comes into contact with air after milling, and this affects the mouthfeel and taste of rice. Vacuum packaging prevents exposing rice to air and keeps it fresh. Also, since rice grains easily absorb odours from other objects, it is recommended to keep it in an air-tight container, so that it remains fragrant.

Temperature, as a determining factor of rice grain quality, is worth a mention here. Generally, rice is best stored in a cool, dark and well-ventilated location. For an average family, the refrigerator is a suitable place to store rice. When stored properly in a sealed container inside a refrigerator, rice can be kept for over a year. That said, consuming rice as soon as possible after purchase is recommended for best enjoying the mouthfeel of white rice.