Setonaikai Sea Bream & Seaweed Clear Soup

To celebrate the arrival of spring, OMUSUBI has created a light and refreshing soup for your taste buds using various seasonal ingredients! The clear soup is made with natural sea breams caught from Setonaikai, which is of the same grade as those supplied to traditional high-end restaurants (ryotei) in Japan. The flesh is known for its tender and firm texture, as well as a fresh and sweet taste. Wakame is another seasonal ingredient in the soup; with a nice, fibrous bite, it complements the smooth tofu to give the soup contrasting solid textures. The rich umami of the soup comes from simmering natural ingredients such as Hokkaido makombu, Rishiri kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms. The flavour is soothing but not glutinous. The added algae salt, also from Setonaikai, accentuates and multiplies the umami.

This clear soup is perfect for enjoying in two ways. First, you can have a brief taste of the broth before eating the ingredients to fully experience the umami. Then, you can add some light-flavoured Omusubis, such as the Premium Kishu Pickled Plum omusubi, the Spicy Mentaiko omusubi or the Hokkaido Salmon Flakes omusubi. Sprinkle lightly with seaweed to turn it into a rice-broth mixture, which is as appetizing as it is filling.

Main Ingredients

Kelp (Japan), dried mushroom, natural sea bream (Japan), seaweed, tofu (Japan), algae sea salt (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)27.6
Protein (g)2.1
Fat (g)0.9
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.

Tasting Notes

The Enticing Springtime Ingredient – Sea Bream

The essence of Japanese cuisine can be summed up in the saying “Only eat what is in season”. Springtime coincides with the cherry blossom season, and what better time to savour the freshness and tasty sea bream! Although there are more than 200 different types of sea breams of all shapes and sizes – the striped beakfish (ishidai) and the golden eye snapper (kinmedai) to name a few ¬¬– the red sea bream (madai) reigns supreme in cooking use because of its fattiness and sweetness. Sporting a red shade that reminds people of beautiful cherry blossom, the red sea bream is always seen at banquets of celebratory occasions and festivals in Japan. This has been the way since ancient times, because the fish symbolizes good luck and fortune.

The Secret to Making a Soup Base Bursting with Umami

Considered a national delicacy, konbu brings an incomparable umami to the soup base. This time we have chosen the thicker and sweeter makombu, which simmers into a clearer broth that is suitable for more refined cooking. Alongside we have added Rishiri kombu, which is also a premium produce and brings a delicate flavour and clear luster to the soup. The distinctive aroma of dried shiitake mushrooms enhances the umami of the broth. The final step is to season the soup with algae salt. This high quality salt commonly found in Japanese cuisine is extracted in a complex two-stage process to produce a concentrated umami flavour. The finished product condiment has a wonderful salinity of seawater without losing its richness and subtlety, adding a hint of the sea to the soup.