Black Coffee Sugar Free


Brazilian coffee is characterized by its mild astringency, refreshing acidity, deep flavour and light aftertaste. While coffee tastes vary depending on the roasting degree, as a whole coffee beans from Brazil carry a light acidity with the sweet aromas of nuts and chocolate. We hope our customers will enjoy the exquisite flavour from Brazil.
(Nutrition information is provided per 100ml)

Main Ingredients

Water (Japan), coffee (Brazil)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)3
Protein (g)0

Tasting Notes

Coffee Time Any Time

Although modern Brazil is a major producer of coffee responsible for about a third of world production, it might surprise you to find out that coffee is not native to Brazil; it was introduced locally in 1727, and was not cultivated until the 1770s. For the next century, Brazil slowly grew to become the biggest producer of coffee bean globally. This industry also became their most important economic lifeline. Of all the coffee-loving countries, Japan has become the world’s fourth largest importer of Brazilian coffee, following the US, Germany and Italy. OMUSUBI’s own sugar-free black coffee is manufactured in the Shizuoka Prefecture and brewed using spring water from Mount Fuji and Brazilian coffee beans, bringing customers a pure and enjoyable taste.