Nozawana Greens and Soya Bean Mixed Rice (Brown Rice)

Nozawana greens are a popular souvenir hailing from the Nozawana onsens in Japan. They are extremely crunchy and have balanced salty and sour flavours. It is a filling which pairs well with the brown rice, known for its chewy texture and sweetness and keeping their individual shape when cooked. Adding soft soya beans simmered in Japanese soy sauce and sautéed with sesame oil enhances the fragrance of the filling and makes the Omusubi more nutritious.

Main Ingredients

Nozawana Greens, soybean, sesame oil, salt

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)102
Protein (g)2.5
Fat (g)1.7
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.