Japanese Clear Clam Soup

The clear soup uses many kinds of kombu, including Ma-kombu from southern Hokkaido and Rishiri-kombu from Rebun Island in Hokkaido. Both umami and flavour profile layers are enhanced by adding sea salt and clam liquor for taste, as well as full bites of clam meat and chopped fresh spring onions. You can also taste the clear soup in a different way: we recommend taking out the clam shells first, then mixing the soup with mild flavoured omusubi, such as Premium Kishu Pickled Plum omusubi, Spicy Mentaiko omusubi or Hokkaido Salmon Flakes omusubi. This will instantly turn the clear soup into heart-warming rice soup, a most belly-warming meal in wintertime.

Main Ingredients

Kelp (Japan), kelp powder (Japan), clam, spring onion

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)59.2
Protein (g)9.5
Fat (g)1.0
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.

Tasting Notes

The Best Combination to Increase Umami
Kombu is an essential ingredient in bringing out umami in deeply flavourful soups. One type of kombu is simply not enough! To brew a rich soup with layers of flavours, the ingredients include different kinds of kombu with different characteristics: Ma-kombu is thick and sweet, and the broth it brews is more clear-coloured, making it suitable for premium cooking; whereas the Rishiri-kombu, also a premium product, adds an elegant aroma and brightness to the broth. In addition, Japanese kombu powder, which is free from chemical seasoning and salt, adds layers of flavours to the soup and leaves a soft aftertaste.