Green Tea


The most common tea pairing with washoku must be green tea. Green tea from OMUSUBI is made with 100% Japanese tea leaves, which has a rich aroma and a soft and light taste that helps alleviate greasiness from food. Our partner workshop located in the Shizuoka Prefecture uses Mouth Fuji water, which is natural, free from impurities and has a smooth mouthfeel. The packaging process also undergoes tight quality control, so that customers can enjoy a fresh taste of top quality.
(Nutrition information is provided per 100ml)

Main Ingredients

Water (Japan), green tea (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)0
Sugar (g)0

Tasting Notes

The Healthy Combo: Washoku and Green Tea

The life expectancy of the Japanese remains the highest in the world, and the secret to this lies in their everyday life, specifically their diet. Apart from consuming mildly flavoured meals full of umami made with ingredients like rice, seafood, vegetables and soy products, drinking green tea often also contributes to promoting health. Catechin found in green tea has excellent antioxidation and cancer-fighting effects; it helps to strengthen the immune system, protect the cardiovascular system, and quickens metabolism. City folks who take a moment to sip some green tea in their busy schedule also benefit from relaxing their nerves, destressing and keeping the mind and body healthy.