Miike Spicy Pickled Takana Greens Omusubi

Takana greens is one of the three most common pickled vegetables in Japan. It has a crisp texture and a savory, rich flavor, making it the perfect accompaniment to rice and a traditional Omusubi ingredient. The Spicy Pickled Takana Greens, marinated with Togarashi (chili pepper), is a famous dish in Kyushu that is very popular among locals and tourists alike. Bringing this traditional delicacy to Hong Kong, OMUSUBI has selected the classic brand “yamaya” from Hakata from a wide range of Japanese takana greens providers. The brand uses the thick and umami rich premium Miike takana greens from Kyushu, which they ferment with salt and turmeric as lactic acid agents and no chemical seasoning is added in the process. The resulting Omusubi, made with Japanese rice and seaweed that we are proud of, is even more delicious with takana greens’ appetizing and refreshing taste.

Main Ingredients

Tanaka greens (Japan), Japanese-style soup stock (kelp, bonito, mackerel, sardine, flying fish, dried mushroom), soy sauce, sugar, salt, vinegar, chili, sesame oil, turmeric powder, sesame

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)165
Protein (g)3
Fat (g)1.7

Tasting Notes

How To Make Tasty Spicy Pickled Takana Greens?

When it comes to Japanese cabbages, the Miike takana greens from Kyushu is the most well-known. It has thick leaves, thick stems and a crispy texture, which explains its lasting delicious taste in the mouth. In addition, yamaya employs a very strict procedure of pickling spicy takana greens. The thick stems are cut open by hand to let the marinade permeate. Then, the greens are weighted on with heavy stones coated with salt and turmeric. To this, they add a secret sauce and a broth made from six Japanese ingredients. This allows the greens to slowly ferment for three months and build up lactic acid steadily for a rich flavor. It’s worth mentioning that premium Togarashi is added as a marinade ingredient, which has a slightly spicy fragrance complemented by sesame oil and finishes off the takana greens with multi-layered flavors and creates a deeply delectable taste.