Jasmine Tea


The fresh and subtle jasmine tea is a great match for the diverse omusubi flavours. The jasmine tea specially selected by OMUSUBI comes to your nose with a clean aroma; its taste is mild, without bitterness and gives a fresh aftertaste. With lower caffeine content, jasmine tea can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Drinking jasmine tea helps calm the nerves, bringing you health benefits in its deliciousness.
(Nutrition information is provided per 100ml)

Main Ingredients

Water (Japan), jasmine tea (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)0
Sugar (g)0

Tasting Notes

Floral Scents Left in Tea Leaves

Jasmine tea is a type of floral tea, but we don’t see flower petals in its final product. Its elegant fragrance comes from the meticulous production process. Tea leaves easily absorb odours, so when we mix fragrant flowers and fresh tea leaves, the tea leaves absorb the floral scents. After we pick away the flowers and parch the tea leaves, we obtain deeply flavoured floral tea with an elegant floral note. The effect can be amplified if the tea is served with the right food combination!