Spicy Mentaiko Takana Greens Omusubi

OMUSUBI partners with the popular mentaiko brand: yamaya from Hakata, for the first time, introducing the brand new Spicy Mentaiko Takana Greens Omusubi. The filling features yamaya’s spicy mentaiko pickled in their unique “artisan’s sauce”, which has a refreshing yuzu fragrance that enhances the aroma of the fish roes and makes their taste light and fresh. Takana (pickled mustard greens) is praised as one of Japan’s trio of classic pickles, and the takana used in this Omusubi is the premium Miike kind from Kyushu, chosen for its crisp and sweet taste. After being marinated in the traditional way, the greens is seasoned with six ingredients going into Japanese dashi stock, making it a classic filling for traditional Japanese Omusubi. This time, it is mixed with spicy mentaiko to bring out the umami flavor. And together they form a perfect accompaniment to rice and an appetizing summer favorite.

Main Ingredients

Cod roe, tanaka greens (Japan), Japanese-style soup stock (kelp, bonito, mackerel, sardine, flying fish, dried mushroom), salt, chili, soy sauce, sake, sugar, yuzu, sesame oil, vinegar, turmeric powder, sesame

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)164
Protein (g)3.6
Fat (g)1.5
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.

Tasting Notes

One-of-a-kind Spicy Mentaiko

Since opening in 1974, yamaya has specialized in preparing mentaiko with its exclusive recipe. Today, they have become one of the top classic mentaiko brands in Japan, with branches all over the country and even overseas. The secret of yamaya’s delicious spicy mentaiko lies in the “artisan’s sauce” that has been used for nearly half a century. This special pickling sauce is made with various unique ingredients, including the Kitaya brand sake from Fukuoka, the company’s own special blend of chili peppers, and Kyushu-grown yuzus. Not a drop of water is added during the pickling process, so the ingredients retain their original flavors, and the marinated mentaiko exudes a rich and pleasant aroma, its taste sharp but not spicy.

Crisp, Tender and Additive-free Takana Greens Pickles

takana greens they select is the famous Miike variety from Kyushu. The thick leaves and fat stems of the takana are crisp and taste refreshing. First, the greens is weighted on with a heavy stone coated with salt and turmeric, then it is marinated in a secret sauce and a broth made from six Japanese ingredients, and allowed to slowly ferment for three months. After that, the delicious, slightly spicy, sesame oil-flavored takana is finished pickling. What’s more, the seasonings used for yamaya’s takana is chemical additive-free, so the ingredients retain their original fresh taste while being transformed into a trusty accompaniment to rice meals with their longlasting flavour.