Veggie White Miso Soup

Wouldn’t you like a light and warm breakfast, and start the day with something healthy and delicious? OMUSUBI’s new light soup is a perfect choice for your first meal of the day. It is made with various vegetables like radish, carrot and cabbage in a kombu broth containing superior kouji white miso and no additives. The soup is filling and is full of fibres and protein to keep the gut healthy and promote metabolism. Make the healthy choice and come try it for yourself!

(Three Garden Road Shop and Lan Kwai Fong Shop Exclusive)

Main Ingredients

Kombu (Japan), white miso (Japan), white radish, carrot, cabbage, fried beancurd, shimeji mushroom

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)89.7
Protein (g)3.1
Fat (g)0.2