Yuzu Shiitake Mushroom Omusubi

Once again, OMUSUBI is incorporating time-honored traditional Japanese flavors into our products. This time, we teamed up with Maikon no Kohara, a 600-year-old tsukudani shop (specializing in dishes simmered in Japanese sauce) in Osaka, to create a refreshing vegetarian taste like no other! The brand new Yuzu Shiitake Mushroom Omusubi is made of high quality shiitake mushrooms, which are immensely fragrant, thick, and juicy, in Japanese yuzu peel and a special yuzu shoyu. Each bite of the mushrooms absorbs the essence of the sauce, releasing a bright flavour. Served with white rice, it is sure to whet your appetite.

Main Ingredients

Mushroom, soy sauce (Japan), sugar (Japan), yuzu peel (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)172
Protein (g)3.2
Fat (g)1

Tasting Notes

Jikabi-shikomi: Striving to Preserve Original Flavors

For over 600 years, the tsukudani shop Maikon no Kohara in Osaka has been known for their dishes simmered in Japanese sauce. In 1994, they were bestowed the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for their renowned traditional cooking method called “Jikabi-Shikomi” (stewing with direct flame), which refers to a technique of adding bricks to the inside of pots that are heated with naked flame. This imitates the way steam and temperature gradually rise when charcoal is burnt in a hearth. Even after six hours of stewing ingredients in high heat, both umami and nutrients are well preserved. This is exactly the way thick-cut shiitake mushrooms are prepared in the brand new Yuzu Shiitake Mushroom Omusubi. After a long period of stewing, the broth’s flavors have deeply infused the shiitake mushrooms, which now have a tenderly dense and smooth texture. The refreshing aroma and taste from yuzus are also retained, all thanks to the superb workmanship and skills of the shop proprietors.