Five-color Veggie, Chicken Clear Soup (Grilled Flying Fish and Yuzu Broth)

Natural, brightly colored ingredients are not only healthy, but also appetite-boosting. This is a concept that OMUSUBI has embraced in the development of our new soup item, which combines tender chicken bites with vegetables in five colors, including carrot, radish, rapeseed flowers, shiitake mushroom, and more. The broth ingredients, such as yaki ago (grilled flying fish), ma kombu, bonito flakes and dried sardines, are all made in Japan. With no MSG or chemical flavorings added, the broth even contains fragrant yuzu peel, which adds sweetness and freshness, making it as delicate and delicious as that served in a traditional ryotei (high-end Japanese restaurant). The shoyu used for seasoning is also carefully selected, and the final choice is a product from a 150-year-old manufacturer in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is brewed with a century-old yeast, with the addition of the local specialty akazake, which gives the shoyu a sweet and rich taste, and doubles the flavor of the soup.

Main Ingredients

Grilled flying fish (Japan), bonito flakes (Japan), dried sardine (Japan), ma kombu (Japan), chicken, carrot, white radish, rapeseed flowers, shimeji mushroom, yuzu peel (Japan), soy sauce, algae sea salt (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)149.3
Protein (g)10.1
Fat (g)8.9

Tasting Notes

Endless Freshness from the Japanese Sea

Surrounded by the sea, Japan has an abundance of seafood, which is why the Japanese are adept at incorporating seafood into their daily cuisine, especially in the form of umami-rich broths that bring out the taste of freshness from the sea. For our Five-Color Veggie, Chicken and Flying Fish Clear Soup, OMUSUBI incorporates thick and sweet ma kombu into the ingredients for making the soup base, adding an elegant aroma to the clear broth. In addition, yaki ago is made by grilling flying fish with dedicated craftsmanship. This adds layers of flavor to the soup base, and it’s no wonder that yaki ago is often used as a broth ingredient in the Kyushu region. Bonito flakes are also an essential ingredient. The bonitos used are low in fat, and have been gently smoked for up to 15 days. Their rich aroma makes the broth stand out. Finally, the dried sardines are made from fresh seasonal sardines. They retain their sweetness and complement the other ingredients to enhance the umami of the soup.