Ishikari-style Salmon Trout Miso Soup

Do you miss Hokkaido covered in white snow? OMUSUBI presents the brand-new Ishikari-style Salmon Trout Miso Soup inspired by the traditional Ishikari Nabe from Hokkaido. The soup base combines kombu with shiro (white) miso aged by adding natural rice koji. You can also find tender bites of salmon trout and six types of fresh vegetables in the soup, which is finished off with a touch of French butter. Mellow and rich in mouthfeel, this is a thoroughly satisfying soup.

Main Ingredients

Dried bonito (Japan), dried flying fish (Japan), kelp (Japan), white miso (Japan), butter (France), salmon, white radish, carrot, potato, onion, cabbage, shimeji mushroom, spring onion

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)67.1
Protein (g)3.8
Fat (g)1.7
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.

Tasting Notes

Tasting the Rustic Side of Hokkaido
Named after the salmon-rich Ishikari River, the Ishikari Nabe is a beloved dish local to Hokkaido. Since the Edo period, local fishermen have celebrated the end of a hard day’s fishing work in the winter by cutting up fresh salmon into pieces and making a nabe (hot pot) of fish, tofu, mushrooms, onions, leeks and radishes, with kombu, miso, butter or milk making up the infused liquid. In modern times, the Ishikari Nabe has entered classic home-cooking and came to be much enjoyed by locals and tourists.

The Essence of A Century-old Store
The miso used to season the soup is made by Kubota Miso Shoyu from Noda City in Chiba Prefecture. The brand has nearly 100 years of miso-making experience, and uses more rice koji in the production process than other manufacturers. Their miso undergoes natural fermentation and aging over a long period of time, resulting in a mild and elegant taste. Its medium salinity is balanced by a touch of sweetness, creating layers of flavour for the rich soup, while the gentler taste caters to Hong Kong customers.