Aso Natural Pork Luncheon Mayo Omusubi

This cherry-picked pork luncheon is made from pigs living in a natural environment with mineral-rich soil and clean air in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture. As the pigs are not given any antibiotics when raised, their meat has a higher content of iron and magnesium than ordinary ones. Thus, the premium pork luncheon provides appealing meat aroma and flavour. Mixed with the special mayonnaise, it makes this omusubi a delicious choice for adults and children.

Main Ingredients

Pork (Japan), mayonnaise (Japan), black pepper powder

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)199
Protein (g)4.1
Fat (g)6.1

Tasting Notes

Perfect Balance Between Tastiness and Healthiness

Aso of the Kumamoto Prefecture is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It boasts of a warm, pleasant climate and includes a grassland inside the world’s largest caldera. The soil there is fertile and favours agricultural development. In 2013, it was declared a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems site. Aso is also blessed with abundant mineral-rich groundwater resources, and is known as the Home of Springs. The natural pork used by OMUSUBI are grown in the wonderful natural environment of Aso, where farmers take good care of them, resulting in tender and tasty pork. Compared to ordinary pork, nutrient-wise Aso natural pork contains 4 times the amount of iron and 1.5 times magnesium. It is beneficial to aid in improving anaemic conditions and promoting metabolism, and is great for health-conscious city-dwellers.