Nikko Handmade Tofu Skin Omusubi

Made in Nikko city in Japan, the artisanal high quality beancurd is a famous traditional food with a long history. It contains intense soybean flavor in sheets at just the right thickness and smoothness in texture. All it needs in preparation is some light and elegant Japanese style seasoning, before it is transformed into a classic dish which is mild but full of washoku characteristic. This time, OMUSUBI uses a seasoning mixture of kombu and shoryu (Japanese soy sauce) to simmer the beancurd sheets. This brings out its fresh flavor wholly and highlights the strong taste of soybean, which makes it perfect for those who like soybean products. The Omusubi is also completely free of animal ingredients, so vegetarians can enjoy it without worry.

Main Ingredients

Tofu Skin (Japan), sugar, soy sauce

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)168
Protein (g)3.6
Fat (g)1.5
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.