Clam with Rice Vermicelli in Kelp Broth

In Japanese cuisine, in addition to sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors, the term “umami” is also used to describe a unique fresh savouriness in food. Bonito, kombu, mushrooms, carrots, pork and miso are often regarded as delicious ingredients that can enhance this umami flavor when cooking, and are therefore used in a wide variety of dishes.

At OMUSUBI, we endeavor to bring you the most umami-rich soups, and in our new product, Vermicelli Soup with Clams, we have incorporated Japanese ma-kombu, Rishiri kombu, dried shiitake mushrooms, and algae salt to cook up a sweet and easy-to-drink broth with a light and elegant aroma. It includes carefully selected tender shell-on clams, which burst with sweetness in the mouth to make the soup even more appetizing. The chewy vermicelli absorbs the broth to perfection, so that each bite brings satisfaction. Finally, the soup is served with scallions, highlighting the umami in the soup and evoking the taste of traditional high-end Japanese restaurants (ryotei).

Main Ingredients

Rice vermicelli, clam, spring onion, ma-kombu (Japan), Rishiri kombu (Japan), dried mushroom, sea salt (Japan)

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)95.1
Protein (g)9.5
Fat (g)1
*Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, crustacea, eggs, fish, peanut, soybean and milk products are also handled.